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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

V-Wonder: When to Get Married?

Since last weekend was my cousin's wedding,
so I'll share some thoughts on when to get married.

"Seeing the newly wed going from table to table toasting,
and people shouting their lungs out -
"YYAAAAMMMM *takes a deep breath* AAMMM SEEEENGGG!!!!"

(chinese way of toasting)


the groom bottoms-up his glass..."

~I began to worry~

It's not that I'm old, and should already be married,
it's just that whenever alcohol runs through my body system,
NO, I don't get extremely high/drunk...

...but I'll get really red and really really red.

Yeap~ something like this, but not TOO HoRny~ ;)

Enough said...

When to Get Married??
  1. Your girlfriend asks you to keep the 19th of September 2008 free.

  2. Your girlfriend's father is making hints with a shotgun.

  3. Your girlfriend attends every friend's wedding banquet just to catch the bouquet of flower.

  4. You have been engaged for six years, and you still live with your mother.

  5. Your parents start playing with baby dolls again, making funny baby talks to the doll.

  6. All your colleagues show up with at least 3 kids when you meet up at your college reunion dinner.

  7. If you are a guy, you are ready to inherit a disease called "onegina". If you are a lady, "onewenis".

  8. If you are a guy, you are ready to purchase 4 types of "Ring" - engagement ring, wedding ring, suffe-ring, and endu-ring.

  9. You have overseen the excitement of marriage life, in which the 1st year, the man speaks and the woman listens; the 2nd year, the woman speaks and the man listens; and the 3rd year, you both speaks and the neighbour listens.

  10. Despite of all above, the both of you are still in love... Awww~

*sniff*sniff* I smell something... It smells like....

Still, it's nice seeing two loving people on their wedding day.

!!Congratulations to ALL Newly-Weds!!


The Bimbo said...

haha I had fun reading that. :) Though I never intend to get married.

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