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Saturday, November 10, 2007

V-Tip: How to Avoid Relationship Break Ups?

Every couple in the world experiences this:
(If you don't, DO tell us...)

(Man: Yea, that's right. I'm Gay!)
*notice the man's posture*

(Woman: aaAAAHHHH!!!)

No, no...not every couple has a homosexual partner.
The point is... they QUARREL.

This guide is NOT to manipulate your partner, but rather to help remind your partner on why the both of you are together, and to keep two happy people together. If the both of you were never happy together, just skip this topic - it'll be deemed useless.

Do you have the feeling that your boyfriend/girlfriend (husband/wife) is going to break up with you soon? At times, we know that our partner no longer feels the same, but instead of rectifying the problem at hand, we sabotage it unintentionally by prying tons of inappropriate questions and acting insecure.

RULE #1:
Whoever your girlfriend or boyfriend is, both of you grew an attention to each other when you started dating or first met for various reasons. Maybe you were hilarious, witty, cool headed, or talented in some things. Whatever it was, repeat that history. It can trigger the interest that he/she has always had for you, and help them to realise why they're with you.

Reminisce the best moments in your relationship - the non-stop laughing moment, the first kiss setting. Try replaying those moments again without expecting a spectacular result to arise.

RULE #2:
Whatever your boyfriend or girlfriend says, AGREE with them. If they say, "I think we should be apart for the time being", instead of screaming "NO!! I love you, baby!! Stay with me!", keep your cool and say "I think you are completely right" with a smile. The whole point of it is being genuine and make them believe you are being genuine.

If throughout your relationship you have not been the "agreeing type", they will probably look at you funny or figure out if you are playing a game. If out of frustration, they say, "You're a jerk/loser." Agree with them and say something like, "You know what? You're completely right... I have lots of things I should work on."

To your surprise, your significant other might actually defend you instead. When you agree with them, they will more likely to say, "Look, you're not a jerk/loser, you just make me really angry sometimes." It's hard for someone to take cheap shots at someone who is unguarded. If you defend yourself though and disagrees with them, you are only pouring gas/petrol into a fire.

Do not say "But, I love you!", "We have so many great memories together!", "What will everyone think?" or list off all of your qualities. When you say anything of those or similar to those, all your significant other hears is "Me, me, me, me, me..."

Implication of "I LOVE YOU" - "I care about my feelings. Don't leave me because you'll make me unhappy" .

The last thing on their mind is your happiness. What they need to know is they are right.

Probably unrelated, but enjoy~


The Bimbo said...

I think... people should agree to disagree.

That a couple will work out better if they agree that there'll always be differences and neither has to be right. Or that BOTH are right... that's it's alright to disagree.

My two cents anyways

VXsite said...

Thanks for your comment, Bobo. Agree to disagree...that's an alternative.. :)

Well,sometimes, when ego takes place, it is pretty hard for a couple to even agree on something.


yeap u are sure right!! sometimes ego do hurts alot!!!

Anonymous said...


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