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Friday, May 23, 2008

Pontianak Caught in Video?

It was about a month ago that this news/rumour/tabloid *whatever you wanna call it...* caught the locals' attention of Malacca, Malaysia. A 50-second *51-sec to be exact* video-clip of a pontianak was recorded with one of the witnessess' cellphone.

Ok, you might be wondering what the heck is a pontianak...

*Some kind of food? way off...
*Some kinky new term for a steamy, erotic escapade? I like the idea...creative, but no...
*A place situated in Indonesia? true in terms of its name, but still no...

*Gather up people, awesome facts... *

In Malaysia, the creature pontianak is believed to exist in real by certain individual and it is considered a legend by some. The origination of the word pontianak is unknown. In the Malay Language, anak means child but the word ponti is unknown.

A pontianak is often associated with long-haired female/woman who appears at night. Usually, she appears young and beautiful to attract the opposite sex *yet to hear about the lesbian version*, seen at the road side or under a tree. Sometimes, she is accompanied by a baby - single mums huh?

You would probably picture someone like this, right?

Smoking Hot~

Well true, probably before she transforms to this:

(Can't get better photo, they don't pose for you to snap)


Yea, in your face!!

Major turnoff, right?!

It is in general believe that pontianak is the soul of a lady died of child birth. Attacks would be based on claws, and defense probably on leaping or footwork. She is believed to feed on intestines and blood. Pontianak is believed to be attracted by child birth when there is plenty of blood flowing out from human body. In the olden days, measures *which I'm not too sure about too* are taken by the people to prevent the vampire from coming during child birth. She is believed to be scared of thorns.

The Legend

It is said that a woman who dies while she is with a child will rise again as a pontianak, a fearsome nocturnal undead being who will bring violent death on anyone she meets. Such a being resides inside the trunk of ancient trees, but will revert to her old human nature if an iron nail is driven into her neck. The nail remains in the vampire's neck until she dies and is buried with it. Should the nail ever be removed, she will once again become a pontianak and embark on a killing spree. Due to the frightening fighting prowess of one of these creatures, few are willing to attempt to tame one. For this reason, it is considered unlucky to strike a woman, especially a married woman.

Back to local story, the pontianak was sighted and recorded at a bridge of the Pulau Gadong road stretch. According to one of the witness, she appeared to be a damsel in distress, whimpering, asking for the sight of her missing child. *theory proved*

For more details of the news report - the Star.

It would be all say and no solid evidence, so...*not sure how true is it though, you decide...* =)

Friday, May 16, 2008

V-Share: Happy Tree Friends

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived many innocent and adorable little animals. They lived harmoniously, always playing blissfully with no worries in hand. The days were sunny, birds sang melodiously while the breeze spread the divine music to their ears...

*OK, what da hell?!*

Happy Tree Friends is a Flash cartoon series by Mondo Mini Shows, created by Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro and Aubrey Ankrum. This is not your ordinary cartoon stories, depicting a valuable moral behind every episode. As indicate in the official site, the show is "not recommended for small children".

WHAT?!! Cartoon not for children? Hentai? XXX Animal Cartoon?

~Eyes covered to ensure character's identification not exposed~

Ok, before you jump to those conclusions, no, Happy Tree Friends DO NOT promote sexuality, instead, they promote extreme *not enough impact* ...EXTREME violence, with every episode featuring blood, gore and violent deaths.

If you think the pictures in the toilet post is graphic, this is worse! but in animated approach :)

Here are some regular characters from Happy Tree Friends:

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