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Thursday, December 13, 2007

V-Review: TV - How I Met Your Mother S03E07

Everybody Makes Mistakes!

It begins with Barney, down at the MacLaren's, meeting a girl who later made a mistake - a mistake known as Barney.

Barney describing to Ted about the girl's boobs

Here a certain scenarios that leads to Marshall making his biggest mistake...

1. Ted in the bathroom

As you can see in the picture, Ted is holding a shaver in his hands, was shaving... until Lily walked in and freaked out.

Q: Why did Lily freak out?
A: Ted was shaving his face...? *Wrong! Guess again*

2. Ted, Robin and Barney watching a sports match (boxing probably) at 3 a.m.

3. Ted did not put the lid back on the peanut butter jar (Marshall's assumption)

Finally, Marshall does it, he makes his decision... to his biggest mistake!

A mistake called DOWISETREPLA

What in the world is DOWISETREPLA? It's the up and coming _________ (big mistake).

On the other hand, Lily also had made a major mistake, which adds up to Marshall's mistake, thus leading to an ultimate massive mistake. Lily did not tell Marshall about her enormous credit card debts.

The next day, Marshall finds out about Lily's debt. Later, Ted, Barney, and Robin go home, where they follow the clues and discover that Lily and Marshall were having a huge fight.

Ted discovering one of the clues

Q: How did the fight end?
A: Lily and Marshall decided to file a divorce... ? *Close enough~*

With Marshall's touching and "you-will-go-awww..-words", they are once again a happy couple.

All of them celebrating to the fact that Marshall confirms his big mistake *Weird?*


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