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Thursday, December 6, 2007

V-Review: TV - How I Met Your Mother S03E06

Barney and Marshall walks into the living room of the apartment exclaiming that they have big news to tell Ted respectively:

Barney: "Ok, mine's pretty huge, but fine you go first."
Marshall: "Ok, I just fou...."
*Barney interrupts*

Ted checking out the porno DVD starring Ted Mosby

Marshall then tries to tell his side of the story, but only to be interrupted several times. Out of frustration (throwing all suspense), he burst to saying he got the job at the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council).

*STOP* There are two main scenarios to this episode:

1. Real Ted in meeting the Porno Ted.
Down at the bar, Barney checks the Internet for Porno Ted, finding some interesting facts including an interview by AVW (Adult Video Weekly) with Real Ted who thought it was Architecture Vision Weekly. Finally, Real Ted decides to meet Porno Ted at the Adult Video Expo.

Real Ted and Barney meet Porno Ted (far left) at the Expo

The meeting leads to something even more interesting... ;)

2. Marshall's Dilemma
Marshall interviews with a notoriously evil corporate law firm, and ends up being flattered, wined and dined, and otherwise seduced into possibly accepting a lucrative job offer, thereby setting aside his dreams of working for the NRDC. Lily tries to give guidance to Marshall in the job selection, but he does not know about Lily's dark secret...

Lily reveals her dark secret to Robin

Which law firm is Marshall going for?

Marshall in his miserable dilemma

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