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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

V-Review: TV - How I Met Your Mother S03E01


HIMYM Season 3 begins with the scene from the finale of Season 2 where Barney completes his trademark phrase "...Dary!!" at Lily & Marshall's wedding.

Barney gets excited knowing Ted is single again, but Ted claims he's not ready for another relationship.

Ted grew his "break-up beard"


When Robin shows up in the bar with an Argentinean Adonis boyfriend (Enrique Iglesias as guest star), Ted's pride as a man is challenged, thinking that Robin wants to "win" the break-up. In this scene, Ted, Marshall and Barney make fun of Robin's sexy, Argentinean lover's name, also putting him as a social outcast among them. (It's really funny!!)

To regain the so-called victory, Ted decides that he is ready - loses the beard and heads down to the bar, where Ted makes out with a 12 (Rating for Girls) - Mandy Moore as guest star.

Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily are having Robin and her boyfriend over at the apartment. Firstly, Marshall and Lily tries to hate him, but soon, both of them, and I really mean both of them, get attracted to the new guy.

Marshall unleashes his femininity
(this scene got me laughing till I fell off my chair...and it doesn't end here only)

The next morning, Ted wakes up with a tramp stamp on his lower back - shaped of a ...??...gosh~I was always bad in identifying

Knowing what really happened the last night between Marshall and Lily on their "double date", Ted gets pissed off, and heads to Robin's apartment to set things straight. Robin said something about Ted's "good quality" (It's a good, big quality alright~) and later at night, he celebrates with Barney and Marshall, claiming he has won the break-up. The episode ends with a hint of Ted's future wife and Barney freaking out over the slap bet countdown.

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Jerry Graffam said...

Your site is just... Great! I can't wait to read about LOST on here... Please? ~Jerry

VXsite said...

Hi Jerry,
About LOST...hhm...sorry,didn't really follow after Season 1. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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