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Friday, October 26, 2007


Back in the Dark Ages, during the medieval era, people were tortured and punished for their opinions, race, religion, language, social status and even their gender. These are some of the torturing equipments used:

The Guillotine

This device is made famous with its widespread use during the French Revolution.

It is used to carry out execution by decapitation or beheading.

How to use it??
(on your mischievous little brother or the @!#^*$! - certain someone)
  1. Tie your prisoner/victim on the horizontal platform with his/her neck positioned exactly at the hole.
  2. Raise the blade with the rope to its peak.
  3. REMEMBER: Request for his/her last words. (Standard Procedure)
  4. Despite what the victim said, just let the rope go and close your eyes if you are hemophobic (scared of blood).
  5. Done~Now you can replace your jack-o-lantern at your yard.

Iron Maiden of Nuremberg

No, you wouldn't want to have any sexual relationship with this maiden!
(1: it's iron for god's sake; 2: it's more than meets the eyes!)

It is a box big enough to fit an adult man, with folding doors where the inner portion is studded with sharp iron spikes. When the doors are shut, the spikes are forced into the body of the victim who is left to bleed to death or blood loss (asphyxiation).

It is about 7 feet (2.1 m) tall and 3 feet (0.9 m) wide.

Ripping Trestle (The Wooden Horse)

This "horse" does not win you medals. It is a pain in the nuts, literally.

It is a V-shaped structure where offenders sit astride.

Weights were tied to victims legs to enhance suffering. The weights are gradually increased until the victim splits in TWO!!

The Catalan Garrotte

This should not be mistaken for a sit-down black and white dinner affair.

The victim is seated on it with his or her neck in between the metal piece. The executioner turns the lever to create a force to break the neck of the victim trapped inside. (Ppraaakkk~)

Last used in 1975, the victim was a student who was executed and later was found innocent.

Judas Cradle

The Judas Cradle (or Judas Chair) is a pyramid-shaped seat with the point inserted into victim's anus or vagina, and then slowly lowered the victim with ropes.

It is used to either stretch the orifice or to slowly impale. This could result in rips and tear, causing pain and even death. The victim was usually naked, adding to the humiliation already endured.

The key design feature is to keep the victim awake throughout the ordeal.

The Torture Pear (Rectal, Oral or Vaginal Pear)

No girls, this is not a sex-toy~

The shape of it arrives to its name.

This instrument has a screw mechanism by which the spoon shaped lobes can be expanded, to increase pain.

The pear was rarely washed, causing infections very frequently. If the victim did not die by an infection, nevertheless, he or she would die by other diseases caused by the rupture of his or her intestines.

Can be inserted into mouth too, often causing the teeth of victims to be destroyed; making blood pour out of the victim's mouth, which often lead to death.

The Head Crusher

(Ideal remedy for headaches?)

The head of the condemner is placed under the upper cap and the chin above the bottom bar. The top screw is then slowly turned to compress the skull tightly.

Firstly, the teeth are destroyed. Then, the eyes are squeezed from the sockets. Lastly, the skull fractures and the contents of the head are forced out (i.e. brains).

Usually, the victim's head is compressed down to 3cm. Approximately, about this length:



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